Job Opportunities

Holy Cross Academy (posted 4-12-18)

Unique Pools (posted 3-28-18)

Kirkwood YMCA (posted 3-22-18)

Tesson Ferry Vet Hospital (posted 3-22-18)

Westborough Country Club (posted 3-22-18)

Ted Drewes (posted 3-6-18)

Six Flags (posted 3-1-18)

Busch Stadium (posted 2-21-18)

Blaze Pizza (posted 2-20-18)

Camp Pegnita (posted 1-24-18)

Aberdeen Heights (posted 1-17-18)

St. Louis Zoo (posted 1-16-18)

Midwest Pools (posted 1-16-18)

Grant's Farm (posted 1-16-18)

The Fox Theatre (posted 12/1/17)

Lifeguards Unlimited (posted 11/3/17)

Twisted Tree Steakhouse (posted 8/30/17)

The Goddard School (posted 8/28/17)

The Magic House (ongoing)

Exploring STL
Exploring STL is a co-ed youth exploration / workforce development program for students 14-18 years old. Students are paired with local companies and organizations for career exploration. Click here for more information.

Junior Achievement 
Do you want to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur?  The Junior Achievement program gives students the chance to put their ideas into action! Click here for more information.