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ACT & SAT Prep

Online Preparation 
Students have access to Method Test Prep though their Naviance account. This self-paced ACT prep resource provides content specific audio and video lessons as well as test-taking strategies. Students are also able to complete full-length practice exams and receive immediate feedback. This allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses on each portion of the test.   

ACT Practice Test
Click here to download the 2017/18 practice ACT test. 
Click here to download to the 2018/19 practice ACT test.

Preparation Courses
Ursuline offers an ACT prep course for juniors during the school day 2nd semester. There is an additional fee for this course. 

Register for ACT prep course held at Vianney High School.  Students from all schools are welcome.

Register for ACT prep workshops at Webster University.

Test Registration 
To register for an upcoming ACT exam, or to have your test scores sent to colleges, click here.

To register for an upcoming SAT exam, or to have your test scores sent to colleges, click here.